International Class of ITK


Option Scheme
Option 1 3 + 1 ( 3 years at IPB, 1 year at partner university
Option 2 3.5 + 0.5 ( 3.5 years at IPB, half year at partner university)
Option 3 4.0 + 0 ( 4 years at IPB)


  • Student Exchange Program

Credit Earning Activity Student may apply in credit earning program for a semester in partner university in ASEAN, Japan, or Europe. Through this program, students take several marine science and technology or elective courses in partner universities.

  • Research Collaboration

Students will conduct their final year research project in a partner university for a semester. Research is supervised by lecturers from both IPB (home) and partner (host) university.

  • Short-term International Activities

Students may participate in international academic program such as, summer courses, winter courses (join with partner universities), trainings or conferences.

  • Internship

As option to final year research project, student is also possible to take internship program at Governmental Institution, NGO, and companies.

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