International Class of ITK

Vision and Missions


The vision of the ITK Department is to be at the forefront of the implementation of world-class research-based undergraduate and graduate programs (multi-strata) with major competencies in the field of marine science and technology.


  • Carrying out high quality marine tertiary education and conducting comprehensive student development in order to improve the nation’s competitiveness.
  • Develop marine science and technology according to the needs of the maritime community in the present and future trends.
  • Implement a department management system that is characterized by effective, efficient, competent and accountable entrepreneurship.
  • Providing academic facilities and infrastructure that supports the implementation of high-quality multi-strata education programs in the field of marine science and technology.
  • Provide competent human resources in their fields for the organization of marine tertiary education.
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Jl. Agatis, Gedung Marine Center, Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor 16680